Saturday, 2 January 2010

Voilà, la Galette des Rois!

Walking around Paris in this period, you can find that every boulangerie, more than usual delicacies, is actually showing in the shop window a round and golden cake with a paper crown on its top... It is the "Galette des Rois"! This cake is usually eaten the 6th january, for the Epiphany, but French people starts to make it (and eat it) since the starting of Xmas holidays...
The Galette is a golden pastry cake filled with an almond cream called frangipane, but what's original about it is that the baker put a small china called la fève. Back in the day, a dry fava bean was used instead of a figurine. The fève is baked into the cake, and the person who finds it in his slice becomes King or Queen for the day and His or Her majesty has to dress the paper crown!! What a honour, but pay attention to your teeth....
As I find it, more than delicious, very cute, I took decision to make me too a Galette but in felt and without forgetting to put inside an authentic fève... voilà!

This cute Galette is now on sale, not in your favourite bakery, but on my dawanda shop!

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